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A Terms and Conditions is not required by law, unlike a Privacy Policy, but it’s highly recommended to have one as you can prevent abuses happening to your website or mobile app, and to limit your own liability as the owner of the online business.

Without this kind of agreement in place, and without it being properly enforced, there’s no way for you can legally limit or control how anyone can use or can’t use your website or app.

Issues of copyright infringement can appear if users make use of your content without your permission or issues of abuses such as someone spamming other users or posting defamatory content on your website.

A Terms & Conditions agreement lets you include language to forbid such activity, and can also provide a remedy (such as accounts deletion) in the event these abuses do occur.

It’s highly recommended that online business (regardless if they operate just a simple website or a simple mobile app) that allow or require a user to register for an account have this agreement in place and present it to users at the time of their account registration.