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  • Job Search — Amazon’s careers home page begins with the job search and it’s one of the fastest and cleanest searches we’ve seen, especially when they’ve got 16,000+ job openings.
  • Pioneers Section — They include a Pioneers section (pictured below) which briefly profiles 60+ Amazon employees such as Tiffany. That alone is impressive. But then each of those profiles leads to job families and job sub-families mentioned next.
  • Comprehensive Job Family and Sub-Job Family Microsites — Every department, team and location appears to be represented by its own pages. For example, if you view the Pioneer page for Tiffany, for example, you can see how this works as Tiffany holds a Project/Program/Product Management-Non-Tech position on the Seller Services  team (pictured below) in Seattle. When you view those job family/microsite pages you will typically see a hero piece of media, description and list of job openings (with volume) related to the position, team or location. This is quite a feat and probably the most impressive execution of microsite/job family landing pages we’ve seen.