Top points in doing competitive analysis in content marketing

Content marketer makes their plan with through ground work in competitive analysis. Content marketing strategy values only when you do proper analysis on your competitors. For beginners in content marketing services we give you best strategic method of competitive analysis. Choose top five brands in your niche industry that use content marketing successfully. Select brands of your core industry leaders or small industry owners as they all use content marketing for business growth.

Create competitive analysis box with list of top brands in your niche industry

Measuring competitor’s content value

  • Find their core message
  • List down their topics and its support to their core message
  • List the types of content-Blog posts, social media posts, podcasts, videos,info graphics.Ebook,Slide shows and Special reports
  • Check how each content type is posted and if many types there then layout each type with frequency of content.
  • Note down their Call to Action in each types of contents
  • Find the drawbacks in their content marketing strategy plan
content marketing services plan 3

Creating News worthy content

If you have content with no interesting information then your content get unnoticed by users and search engines also.To make your content reach you need to produce and develop interesting and unique contents that attracts potential audience. You can try for personalized contents to shine in your niche industry.

  1. Review your competitive analysis once again to find the best thing from each competitor brand.
  2. Best thing refers to unique element that makes them outshine their competitors and stand out from crowd in online businesses
  3. Content marketer set their goal of coming alongside with competitors and offers best value to target audience.
  4. To achieve this you look for topic they didn’t cover and find the gap.
    This gap will make your brand reach and trust higher and unique
Best content marketing agency always looks for following qualities in hiring content marketer
  • Content style
  • Depth of information
  • Unique approach with core message
  • Value proposition
  • Personality

These above qualities are most wanted in their job responsibilities to drive best content strategy.

content marketing services plan 4

Creating selling point/Core message

Core message is the main benefit you offer for your customers. This message is the bottom line conversion for making your business as guiding the rules of contents. Core message can be like your success story or advice to share with customers.

Mission statement

Highlight your core message

  • Tell your audience and followers about your big benefit offer to them.

Create secondary messages that supports core message

  • Avoid repeating core message in all contents. Select about 5-6 topics to support core message.

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