Marketer’s Guide to Google Analytics Reports

Every business website is now using Google Analytics tool to get insight of their website performance. But to reach business goals they should use this tool to the fullest of potential. Before getting deep into Google analytics and its conversion measurement capabilities marketers must know its essential usage. Web analytics agency serves you the best of key reports produced from using Google analytics.

They just give a perfect insight whether your efforts bring results or not. Even experienced marketers find it’s challenging to expertise in using Google analytics. They get confused with too much of available data and easily understandable dashboard menus. As a one of the best web analytics companies we list down key reports from this tool foe better marketing insight.

Content report

This report is best for websites who develop more contents and find difficulty in tracking them. Content efficiency report tracks your published content’s

  • Page views
  • Bounce rate
  • Goals and entrances

This content report solves your questions in finding best contents in terms of following

  • Content engagement
  • Content types
  • How it converts visitors into customers
  • Content sharing

Traffic Acquisition report

You want to know about your seo strategy and its working level. Or you want to know which guest post you published producing traffic to website? Traffic acquisition report tells you all this and much more. For web analytics agency marketers this is their initial step in analytics process

Mobile performance report

Majority of internet search is from mobile searched only. It’s the fact that mobile internet users are higher than desktop users. Search engine Google penalizing sites which are not mobile friendly. You should know the mobile site performance of your website to stay alive in competition. Mobile performance analytics report tells you how well your site is mobile optimized and improvements to make. You can even get more depth in this report of seeing which mobile device or browsers accessing your site. With this key report you can know how well is your website performing on specific devices

Keyword analysis report

Organic traffic from search engines is the positive sign for any business website. Google changed its algorithm in encrypting search data to show organic traffic keyword information. You can track website visitors by tracking performance of encrypted keywords. Web analytics agency uses this data to know which keywords are performing well and its contribution in achieving business goals.