International seo strategy and its tactics

International seo strategy has so many measures to do. It’s all about your company resources, budget and market place

International seo is a must one when you have products or services to sell globally. This might be complicated initially, as there are multiple languages within countries you chose. But, it is possible to achieve international seo with good seo services for your business objectives.

We give you some important ways to target global customers and making good efforts in tackling complex task of ranking in many countries.


Generally “International seo” is the way to optimize your webpages for search engines to identify countries you are targeting.You must measure your approach across all desired locations to target multiple countries.

Major two approaches for serious international seo services are:

Content marketing

If you can generate good leads with content, it is the best option for international seo marketing tactics. This is best for online businesses and not suitable for traditional offline businesses. Targeted content marketing helps you to rank internationally.

Single TLD site

Niche business website will automatically rank well without international seo. They go for more traditional seo marketing process to focus on international seo.

Domains-country specific

This approach has country code top level domains or TLD. There are two techniques available to meet the goals.

  • Geo targeted domains


CCTLD domains


 A business with physical store with "local offline marketing" approach is cost effective way for promoting its services

  • To achieve your seo goals, your approach should be defined by needs and expectations of targeted audience
  • You need to be sure with technical aspects of your site before going for international sites creations.
  • Sub domains are not trust worthy, as user won’t understand it and have no impact in conversions.

Sub folders and Geo targeting

Create localized sub directories on your own site to go for country specific contents. These sub directories are Geo targeted by Google search console and have country specific contents and language.

  • You will expand your site with less technical management
  • Your sub directories will inherit parent domain authority
  • Cost effective approach than multiple sites promotions

URL variables

This is sensible approach and if Google not allowing using URL variables then you can skip this approach. It is not recommended in Google multi regional and multi lingual sites for international seo services.

Find best approach for international Seo strategy from best search engine optimization company.