Greatest measures in Web analytics for winning the SEO game

No measure, No improvement” and this quote perfectly fits for Search Engine Optimization field.

You may have optimized websites but, optimization measurement is the key to seo success. Many people think that keyword ranking alone enough for SEO works. Keyword ranking may improve traffic but not fulfilling the role of SEO. Marketers need to work beyond this and analyze the important matters in marketing. You need to understand how organic search results yielding better ROI for your organization. Every SEO professional would agree with the best tool for measuring Seo metrics and it is free for use too. Google analytics, tool a free tool that is probably installed in all websites nowadays.

We bring you the top useful ways; google analytics help marketers to measure their seo efforts.

Organic search traffic results

Some marketers think like that traffic loss is due to organic search traffic. But, the truth is, Organic traffic is always up and some traffic sources are down and results in overall traffic decline. To check your traffic sources, just click by channel range from Acquisition of All traffic list.

From this search, you can get information of related landing pages, top exit pages and keywords which drive high traffic to website.

Assigning values to organic traffic

The conventional way to know the value of seo in business improvements is traffic, conversions and visibility. Before assigning dollar value to organic search results, estimate keyword cost if purchased on Google adwords campaign

To do this, you need to access Google adwords account synced with Google analytics and search console accounts respectively.

Determining slow speed page time

Page speed major is one of the major concern in Seo and it affects overall user experience and search rankings.So, Focus on page load time just you investing in time and money for seo keyword rankings. Web analytics help you to measure slow speed pages and their impact on conversion rates. Check in Behavior>Site speed>Page timings and set Avg page load time with added secondary dimension for showing organic traffic only.

Measuring Seo factors

You can measure quality of any traffic sources with web analytics tool. You can check with assisted conversions report in web analytics. Compare the report with last month and previous month. Search result plays vital role not directly attributed in conversion rates.

Seo Dashboard creation

Present your data in an appealing way of bar graphs or pie charts to your clients. Dashboard interface with series of widgets is effective for presenting web analytics data with easy access.

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