10 things to ask while hiring a search engine marketing expert

Are you looking for an expert pay per click advertising agent. It’s always best to ask important questions before hiring them. Sometimes even experts need to out in evaluation with their skills for giving a remarkable result in search marketing.

We put down some of the best questions you should ask to ppc expert for doing search engine marketing services.

Working process of Google Auction

Google auction is made for listing down ads related to user’s particular keyword search. Any ads can be ineligible if it targets different country or disapproved. Keep in mind that only ads with high ad ranking will show in results. Since it’s the most important part in ad campaign your hired ppc expert should know it well.

Managing Google quality score

Quality score depends on

  • Keywords
  • Ad text
  • Landing page

Maintain high score with few keywords targeting small ad groups. Anyone involved in pay per click advertising should know this process to handle it.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Cost per click is the minimum amount needed to hold your ad position.Ads appears above search results have high CPC impact than ads appearing below search results.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

It’s the ratio of no of people clicking your ad after seeing it. It’s generally estimated as

  • CTR=No of clicks/No of impressions

Google adwords API

Adwords API provides various tools and functions. Expert in pay per click advertising knows when to do adwords API and when not. Adwords API needs dedicated engineering service from best SEM agencies.

Knowledge in Third party tools

PPC expert should know other available tools for discovering keywords and they are

  • SEMrush
  • SpyFu

Google display network questions

Google offers various certifications course and conduct exams in Google adwords. It offers comprehensive exam for all Google networks like Display, search and much more. Your hired ppc expert should be able to ace in display network area with a certification in it. You can test his knowledge in display network with the Google certificates.

  • On-schedule indicator

It’s the percentage likelihood of ad campaign to deliver all booked impressions.

Why display & search network campaigns are separated?

Different campaign settings can make more impact in different networks. Your hired expert should understand its value.

  • Managed placements

It’s different for specific placements on Google display network

Analyzing Ad campaign performance

SEM expert should know time limit to wait for analyzing display campaign performance.


Hire PPC expert who satisfies you with best answers for the above important search engine marketing services questions